How can I transfer a .ie domain?

To transfer your .ie domain name to STORM Web, you will need an authorisation code (Authcode) for the domain.  The Authcode is a unique randomly generated code, assigned to your domain name, which is used to securely authorise your transfer.  Once you are in receipt of your Authcode please add this to your transfer order or send it by email to STORM Web who will process the transfer on your behalf.

How to request your Authcode:

  1. From your current .ie Accredited Registrar.
  2. Directly from the designated .ie online portal ( Please note  you will require your username (Admin Contact NIC Handle, e.g. ABC123-IEDR) and the email address held on the IEDR database that is assigned to this username.  The Authcode will be directly emailed to this address only.  If you have forgotten your username and/or *email address, please in the first instance contact your current Registrar or alternatively contact IEDR’s Registration Services Team directly by telephone at +353 (1) 2300400 (Option 2) who will assist you in obtaining your code.
  3. Direct request to IEDRs Registration Services Team – the team will generate the code on your behalf.  The Authcode will be sent directly to the email address assigned to the Admin Contact on the domain name.  Please note IEDR will not give out Authcodes by telephone.

If you are unsure of the .ie domains admin contact please check the whois record for the domain, click here.

If you require your email address to be updated the Admin Contact assigned to the domain name needs to send the IEDR a signed request by fax to +353 (1) 2300365 or alternatively you can send a scanned copy of the signed request by email to[email protected].

Please Note: All transfers to another Billing Contact require a renewal payment for the domain that is to be transferred.