Responsive design & development

Responsive Web Design (Mobile Friendly Design)

Currently at least 50-60% of your customers are browsing websites on smart phones or tablets (e.g. iPhone, iPad etc.). Google has stated its preferred mobile solution is responsive design. Mobile web browsing has overtaken desktop browsing in recent years. Businesses now have to change their focus to mobile as the primary source of visitors/customers and provide a mobile compatible experience.

Websites that are designed responsively provide the best viewing experience when visitors access them on desktops, smart phones and tablet devices.

Responsive Web Design & Development

A responsively designed site adapts to the screen size of the device accessing it allowing mobile visitors to easily navigate and access information on the site, it is mobile friendly.

For eCommerce sites and sites that customers interact with, a responsively designed site is essential as mobile device customers will find a mobile friendly site far easier to navigate and use.

All sites currently designed and developed by STORM Web are designed to be responsive and so mobile friendly. Legacy sites can be redesigned to be responsive so they can be accessed on mobile devices.

WebStart Package (Mobile Friendly)

The WebStart package is an all inclusive package to get your business/project online. Including a bespoke responsive design this professional application is guaranteed to give your businesses the best start possible online.

Professional Mobile Friendly Design

  • Search Engine Optimised Website
  • User friendly, flexible, customized layout
  • Responsive Design, displays optimally on all devices e.g. iPhone, Android devices etc.
  • Built with HTML5, Javascript & CSS, the latest tecnologies!
  • Stock photography – select appropriate imagery from Shutterstock
  • Latest news feed & archive
  • Validated contact/enquiry form
  • Fast download

Content Management System (CMS)

  • Update page text & images, news items etc. whenever required
  • Add additional pages
  • Secure login with multiple administrator profiles
  • User guide
  • Developed with PHP
  • Powered by MySQL database

Google & SEO

  • Google Analytics – monitor & analayse visitor activity on your site
  • Google Sitemap – installed with all site pages submitted directly to Google
  • Search Engine Optimisation. Site is optimised for search engines e.g. Google

Social Networks

  • Social media links to Facebook, Twiitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. displayed prominently
  • Social media feeds i.e. Facebook, Twiitter, LinkedIn, YouTube

Hosting & Domain

  • Web hosting account providing fast & reliable Web & Email service for your domain
  • Free top level domain e.g. com net .org eu etc.
  • A .ie domain is always preferrable when trading in Ireland
  • Search Engine Optimisation. Site is optimised for search engines e.g. Google

Web Development

STORM Web has been developing Websites for both Irish & International clients since 1999 and have a proven track record in delivering enterprise solutions. A range of Web development services are available.

  • Responsive Web Design & Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • Ecommerce Systems & Solutions
  • Mobile App Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Site Management & Maintenance
  • Web Hosting & Domain Registration