Mobile Apps (Applications)


A mobile application (mobile app) is a web application (web app) that runs on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The mobile website design is specifically for mobile devices.

The Mobile App

Mobile apps allow mobile users (tablets & smartphones) to connect to web apps which were historically only accessed via desktop or notebook computers.

Mobile apps like web apps are accesed via an Internet connection using a Web Browser on the mobile device e.g. Safari, Opera etc. Using web based technologies makes the mobile app fully cross-platform compatible i.e. it can be accessed using any mobile device. historically only accessed via desktop or notebook computers.

Mobile apps enable users to use web apps on their portable devices making the use of the app far more satisfatory as they are purpose built for smaller screens.

A mobile app may be a Website configured for use on mobile devices, an app such as Gmail for mobile, or one of the many other applications specifically built for users of mobile phones.

Website and business owners should be considering at the least a Website optimised for mobile devices or a purpose built mobile app.

As more and more consumers and business people are accessing the Inernet via mobile devices it makes perfect sense to have a mobile presence to connect with potential customers. In fact it is widely acknowledged that mobile devices will overtake desktops shortly as the primary device consumers use to access online services.

STORM develop the mobile app(s) suitable for business requirements.