.IE Domain Registration Guide.

N.B. When registering a .ie domain there is supporting information required. Every application we make to the IEDR is checked to make sure that the applicant has a proven connection with Ireland and a legitimate claim to the domain being registered.

1. You must show you have a proven connection with Ireland

Connections can be proven with:

  • Irish Citizens (Irish passport / Irish birth certificate)
  • Irish Residents (utility bill / bank statement)
  • Companies registered in Ireland (CRO / RBN or VAT number)
  • Companies not registered in Ireland (show that you are trading with clients in Ireland – such as invoices, press releases or previously published marketing material aimed at the Irish market, or a letter from a solicitor, accountant or bank manager, confirming your current or future trade with Ireland)
  • Companies, partnerships and individuals (Irish or EU Community registered trademark)

2. You must show you have a claim to the domain

  • You have to demonstrate a valid claim to the domain name. If the name matches your business, company, or trade marked name you will need to provide the relevant number with your application
  • If you want the domain for a reason other than a legal entity such as a business or company name, then you will need to provide a few short sentences explaining why you want the domain and what you will use it for