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Registering a .IE Domain.

To register a .ie domain particular criteria must be met by the applicant. See the .IE Domain Name Registration Guide to establish your applicant class and the criteria that must be met. To register a company name as a .ie domain the company number issued by the Companies Registration Office (CRO) is required. To register […]

2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement, WHOIS info verification

As a part of the Whois Data Accuracy specification, ICANN expects the Registrar to verify the contact information for the Registrant contact of each gTLD domain name, within 15 days of a domain name being registered with unverified contact details a domain name being transferred in the contact information of the Registrant contact information being […]

.IE Domain Registration Guide.

N.B. When registering a .ie domain there is supporting information required. Every application we make to the IEDR is checked to make sure that the applicant has a proven connection with Ireland and a legitimate claim to the domain being registered. 1. You must show you have a proven connection with Ireland Connections can be […]